Sukkot Day 1

First day of Sukkot is almost here! Can you tell I’m excited. I LOVE music about our Savior and His birth 😀 Can’t wait to get my Sukkot Music playlist going!!!

So this year I decided to use numbers as sort of a basis or theme to discuss with my little ones about the feast of Tabernacles.

Day 1- There is ONE God and His name is Yahweh. He became flesh and Tabernacled among us.


My children love to sing and dance so I thought it fitting to watch and teach them this song One True God.

Image result


The One True God, YAHWEH, tabernacled amongst us. I think it would be fun to make a nativity scene out of popsicle sticks from What To Expect.


To continue the idea of tabernacling, I think it would be fun to make a gingerbread nativity scene. I enjoy making ginger cookies, and really enjoy the recipe from Gluten-free Baking. Here’s an idea of what we will make/assemble the day before and enjoy snacking on day 1. I’ll try to post a picture before it’s eaten 🙂

Bible Lesson

We will be following the Bible reading plan from Hebrews4Christians


What are your plans for the first day? Let me know in the comments!


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