Sukkot Day 3

Day 3- The number three has a lot of significance in the Bible. There are three major feasts to journey to Jerusalem,  three patriarchs, three days in the belt of the fish etc. But in regards to celebration and relationship,  Yahweh loves us, and we are commanded to lobey Him AND others as we love ourselves. That’s where we will focus our number 3 on today: Love Yahweh,  love others,  love yourself.

I found this fun activity book for loving others.  This will be great for the craft as well. My plan is to talk with my little ones about how we can love others and take care of them the way we take caste of ourselves. We will color and discuss the activity sheet  and hopefully that will inspire us to do something loving to others. Amongst the ideas they come up with,  I plan on having my children help me make some fall cookies and bring some “kisses” to the elderly. 🙂 There’s nothing like celebrating the feasts with others! Especially,  one where our Savior tabernacled with us.

Bible Lesson

We will be following the Bible reading plan from Hebrews4Christians


Do you plan on feasting with others during Sukkot?  Do you do special mitzvot in your neighborhood?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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