Sukkot Day 5

Day 5- Number 5 is found many times in Exodus 26, especially describing the tabernacle and gifts given


Can you find the #5?
The Quick View Bible » Gifts for the Tabernacle This graphic could be really helpful when teaching children about the Tabernacle. Free lesson at Print out this picture and talk about gifts that were brought to the tabernacle dedication.


Why do we even give gifts to our Creator? Discuss more about the actual Tabernacle with this fun Lapbook Craft!

Moses: The Tabernacle in the Wilderness Lapbook Freebie

easy snack math for preschoolers (sponsored by General Mills)

Have some Snack Math to continue discussing the number 5. Then read Exod 26 again and see if you’re little one can find or count how many times the #5 is mentions.

Bible Lesson

We will be following the Bible reading plan from Hebrews4Christians


What are your plans for day 5? Can you think of other places in the Bible where the number 5 is mentioned?


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