Sukkot Day 6

Day 6- Our God disciplines those He loves. Learning self-control.

Like a city breached, without walls,
    is a person who lacks self-control. Proverbs 25:28


Improve Self-Control - Play Freeze Dance

Play the Freeze Dance. It’s free to download from TeachersPayTeachers site. This is a fun way to get the body moving.  Also, because I’m focusing on Prov 25:28, after we talk about the verse, I plan on talking about the walls of Jericho and how it came tumbling down. And sing this song from YouTube.  The stories are somewhat different, but it’s a good visual to help little ones understand that they need to be a strong fortress. Lacking self-control can mean destruction. But those who obey will be rewarded.


Samson - Make a temple using four toilet paper rolls, two pieces of cardboard and paper. First, draw the bricks & have the kids color each square. Next cut and glue each piece on. Put it all together using little people for characters. You could use paper towel rolls and use bigger toys if your characters are larger. Samson knock the pillars down.:

We will use toilet paper rolls and cardboard to make a “brick” wall that will come tumbling down or stand tall depending on whether we show self-control or not.

Image result for cheetos

Now we don’t often have this kind of food in our house, but this junk food is my little ones favorite. Because we are learning about self-control today I’m using this snack to demonstrate my point. You can use any snack you want 🙂

Give a couple to your children. Then tell them that they can either eat right then or wait for the timer (set for 5 min) to go off and they can have the whole snack bag. Then discuss ideas with them about making good choices and having self control.

Bible Lesson

We will be following the Bible reading plan from Hebrews4Christians


How do you think learning self-control and God’s discipline relate to His love? Do you think this message relates to Sukkot?


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