New Sites

I’m so excited to share with you guys some new sites I have found that I will be incorporating into my curriculum with my little ones!!! As I find more awesome resources, I’ll add it here 🙂

Image result for busy bags

  • All Our Days – I am particularily loving all of the busy bag ideas on this site!

  • Chinuch – This gem of a site has everything from early childhood resources to highschool! They have songs, activities, lesson plans, and the week’s parsha activities all here in Hebrew and English. These are great ideas. They even have an educators blog and a way to share your own materials. I’m so excited to have run into this site! It’s free to register too!

  • The Kefar – An education collective that offers resources for teachers and homeschoolers; an informative blog; Hebrew lessons; and professional writing services. Members enjoy access to tons of printable materials, lower shop prices, and more – join for FREE today!

For Every Child. For Every Community. The Gift of Learning

  • Matan Kids – This site has a lot of great curriculum ideas/plans/activities for the special feasts and shabbats. I’ve found a really cool weather wheel on this site too!



  • Jewnior Club – This site has a whole library of educational and fun activities for Jewish children aged 4-10. I really like their activities for aleph-bet. Check it out!
  • Project Torah Portion – This site is great!  A whole family is involved in reading the Torah portion. 🙂 I can’t wait till they post the portions in Genesis so I can use it with my current curriculum.
  • Starfall– I love this site. They are great for learning letters and emerging readers. My little ones like to go on there by themselves and play… I mean learn while I’m busy.

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