Reality Check

Though I prize myself in teaching my little ones effectively, I get a little too excited sometimes with my lesson planning. So here’s my reality check. I will make adjustments accordingly to each week’s lesson plans. Thanks for journeying with me!

Every child is different and has unique abilities. I am learning that my son’s ability with numbers and patterns are great! However he is having trouble with straight lines. Honestly, I should have known because I can’t draw a straight line for the life of me 😛
But though he does his best being very careful, he gets very frustrated making and tracing his letters with a writing utensil. His lines are wobbily and not straight. I think I need to sub out the “I Can Write” Worksheets with more “pre-handwriting” activities. Perhaps I’ll also include a file folder so that we can continue to work on vocab terms. So that is one thing that will be changing.

Another thing I’ve noticed is my daughter is a bit too young to participate in ALL of the activities my son can. They are a whole year apart. She can color and glue, but cutting is difficult and her attention span is quite short, but she’s great at memorizing. I’ll need to add a supplemental plan for her needs and do with her what I did with my son last year. This unfortunately takes a little bit more prep work. I’ll try to figure it out this week. But I will most likely have two lesson plans now, but thankfully, toddler lesson plans involve much more play activities-ones which don’t always need direct supervision. And it will keep her occupied while I’m working with my son, but still allow her to hear new vocabulary as well.

Have you had any reality checks with your teaching? Tell me about it below. The struggle is real in teaching but that’s what I love about homeschooling! We can adjust to fit our little ones needs and unique abilities. 🙂

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