Week 2 N/nun Noach

Let me know if you found this helpful, added, or changed anything! I’m always looking for ideas 😀

N nun Noah nothing Matthew 17:20 Notzri
Matt 2:23
  • Morning Meeting

    We start off every morning watching a playlist of songs on Youtube . Currently on the playlist is: (*Note: This is different from last week as I’ve found new resources)

    • Boker Tov means Good Morning by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • Shema Prayer: ASL and Hebrew by RitualWell
    • Ve’ahavta Prayer in ASL and Hebrew by RitualWell
    • Avinu (Our Father) Lord’s Prayer by Christine Jackman
    • Ma Mezeg Ha’avir (Weather Song) by Julie Jaslow Auerbach
    • Days of the Week by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • 613 Torah Avenue Creation Song by 613 Torah Avenue
    • Colors in my World by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • My Body is Part of Me by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • Letter N Memory Verse Song
    • Sesame Street Letter N
    • Shalom Sesame Hebrew Letter Nun
    • Shehekhanyu in ASL by RitualWell

This might seem like a ton of songs but I play this while they are eating. I plan on either creating a video to go along with it so I can read the words to the song or make a chart/poster for it. I will post that when I get that up 🙂

  • Read the Torah

Once breakfast is completed we often read the Torah portion for the day. Here is the Plan for this week!

Noach: Make an Ark
Gen 6:9-22
Listen in Hebrew
Noach: All aboard
Gen 7
Listen in Hebrew
Noach: Not forgotten
Gen 8
Listen in Hebrew
Noach: Sign of the Covenant
Gen 9
Listen in Hebrew
Noach: Dispersed
Gen 10-11:32
Listen in Hebrew 
  • Daily Worksheets

    We then go over our daily worksheets and calendar sheets. This allows us an easy segway into our math for the day.

    I created this worksheet so that we could reinforce the Hebrew words we learned in our songs for Morning Meeting. You can print all the days of the week here: worksheetspreschooldaily1calendartime
    Then I print of this calendarmath worksheet. I stick it in a page protector and let my little one use a whiteboard marker to fill it in. We have a large calendar that we made following this calendar. I also supplement with legos to help with the tens and ones concept.

  • Math

    This is what I had last week:


    Daily Math week 1

    Number of the Day Worksheet. Find your number here

But I found it to be much too difficult for my little one. Can we say Reality Check! lol

These sheets from The Measured Mom are WAY better for my preschoolers AND they are free :). She also has numbers 11-20 on her site. I’m working on making one that incorporates Hebrew and the Torah lesson as well.

  • Break

My little ones are in need of a break at this time with all this learning! 🙂 I let them play outside or do some kind of workout video with them at this time.

Image result for Fit Family Fun Circuit With Tonya Larson
We currently like Fit Family on Amazon Prime and it’s free.

  • Language Arts

Then we head into some Language Arts. This week is the letter N and nun.

Discuss the Pictograph meaning of nun
*I enjoy using these ideas for English alphabet
*And this ladies pinterest page for the Hebrew Letters. Here’s a sampleHands on activity when teaching Hebrew letters. Here is the letter Nun!:
Read a Book. Let your child find the words that start with N or nun.

This book does not have a lot of hebrew words in it, but it’s a lovely story. You can look up the hebrew words too if you’d like.

  • Brain Break

Brain Gym Cards - Elementary-Class.comAfter this activity the little ones often need a brain break. I like to use Brain Break Activities from TeacherspayTeachers. It’s a free download. We sometimes do other cognitive activities as well.

At this point we may eat snack or lunch or nap, depending on the time of day. Then it’s off to …

  • Social Studies

n-memory-verse See and Say the memory verse. Find the word NOTHING
אַ֫יִן  (ah’-yin) in Hebrew.
Add sugar to a clear container. This is the land. Add water, stir to show that the sugar is gone. NOTHING is left. n-character-verse
Yeshua was a Nazarene. Nazarenes stay true to the instructions of YHWH. NOTHING is added or taken away.
Character Verse
Add the names of Noah’s sons to the continents you make in art to see where all were dispersed.

Image result for noah's children locations

  • Art

Art is super fun. I usually make sure that my little ones are well rested before we get into messy fun.

Build the ark using cardboard 🙂 Make sure to have holes in it for the Physical Activity. (you’ll have to scroll down to find the activity)
Image result for build the ark with cardboard kid craft
Make Finger print animals
Sink or Float Activity
Make a rainbow. Check out these awesome rainbow sensory activities.
Image result for rainbow art for preschool
Cut and color Geography Continents

Continents of the World Map Activity Kids- Kid World Citizen


  • Physical Development

Time for more play time but I like to throw in some structured outside play as well. Here are some fun activities that relate to what we are learning this week. 🙂

The Mat Race

All Aboard Game
Use your cardboard cutout and throw in those animals!
All Aboard -     All Aboard! brings the account of Noah to life as kids learn to be obedient to God. Children toss the animals two by two into Noah's ark!  http://www.twisterdisplay.com/All-Aboard/:
Noah Says. Colors of the Rainbow Game. Noah’s Mixed up Animals 

*All games were altered to fit how many children I have, their abilities, and related to Noah’s story.

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