Week 5-Review

This week is a review week for us since i can’t really create or upload anything at the moment. It  actuality fits quite perfectly since we have already learned 4 letters: A,N,T, and C. This is great because we can review the -at and -an families. Plus,  I’ll be working now so it’ll be good to figure out our new schedules :).

Right now I’m thinking I can still do morning meeting with the Littles since they wake up so early and if I make crock pot meals then I can  homeschool with our regular lesson plans when I come home before supper. Lol at least that’s the idea. Well see what reality checks come about.

In the meantime,  I hoped you all enjoy the short break and check out some of these fun resources I found for reviewing our sounds and letters. This week’s Torah portion is Chayei-Sarah. It’s pretty short. if love to know what tall did for activities this week. Let me know in the comments section! 🙂 Shalom.

1. Free word families– from Measured Mom. She made these super fun books for the -at  and-an word families.

2. Create your own phonics worksheets– from Fun Fonix. From bingo cards to worksheets,  you can choose what words you want to use.

3. Free books and other activities for word families– from This Reading Mama. I particularly like this site and will most likely use many of her tagging activities and worksheets she anyway has. What do you think?

4. Word match– from My Teaching Station has some great word family worksheets like word matching.

5. CVC Word Family– This does cost $4 but it includes a ton of word family activities. Might be singing of interest to you as it includes coloring too. I’ll probably attempt at making my own for Hebrew words 🙂

6. Helpful Garden- This site actually gives lots of helpful ideas and activities worth montessori’s pink series. We are actually following the order of teaching our letters in almost the same way! So check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

7. Other free montessori resources– from Hip Homeschool Mom. Worth checking into 🙂

8. Middot-opoly– This is a free downloaded game that teaches Jewish values. Lots of fun and learn some new words in the process.

9. Hebrew Workbook resources– I haven’t checked out this site entirely but it does have some great resources for learning Hebrew.

Well I was assuming for giving you all tween sites to check out but alas my Littles are needing me. Till next time. Shalom.


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