Day of Affliction

Yom Kippur is typically the day most people fast. Though fasting is a great way to afflict yourselves how does one observe this feast with Littles?

Great question! I searched the world wide web for this one and couldn’t quite find the answer I was looking for. Reality check! The internet DOES NOT have all the answers.

So here’s the tradition we began for my family.

We start off the day with excitement because my older ones know what’s to come. We set the stage for a wedding. This is the day we choose to commit to serve the Creator!

All day we eat bland foods. No salt, no seasoning, no sweetener. Typical foods are rice cereal, oatmeal, rice and salmon, boiled eggs, plain crackers, dry salad (no dressing).

We read scripture about preparing ourselves for our new life with YHVH. How flavor and sweetness is added to our lives when we choose to Shema, listen and obey, His commands. We read about the ten virgins and being ready too.

Then after supper, a couple hours before sundown, it begins! We separate boys go with the Papa, and I take my little girl. We discuss washing and removing all the yuck in our lives so we can be poke of mind and body before the wedding. Then we mikvah. Then we get dressed in our white wedding attire. My daughter especially loves this as we do our hair and look extra special. It takes a bit of time but we all look our best!

Then we walk down the aisle and my husband reads the Ketuba, which are the commandments. The Littles listen carefully. If they choose to be a child of Yah, they accept by stating I will shema and drink the cup of “wine”, sealing the covenant and then we give them their crowns ♡.

The ceremony has concluded and the sun has set and it’s party time! We dance and sing then eat decadent chocolate wedding cake! Mazel Tov!

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