“Dancing Time”

I love my children. They help me see the positive in things all the time.

See this? You probably can’t tell from the photo but my smoke alarm is going off…again. It’s pretty sensitive.

I usually have to take a cloth and wave it around the smoke detector so it stops because it keeps going off even after I’ve eliminated the problem. So, it’s actually more of an annoyance than a helpful tool. Still.

But even with the annoying sound, my Littles didn’t scream or get angry. It went off like 10x. Instead, they declared it was “dancing time”, grabbed their blankets and started waving it around. They were having so much fun. ♡

Sometimes you need to have a different perspective on things. I’m so thankful for my Littles ♡

How ’bout you? Do your Littles help you have a more positive attitude on things?

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