Behavior Charts

Behavior chart

I use attempt to use behavior charts in my house. Not sure why the pictures so fuzzy but here’s the levels:

Pink level

Pink=Outstanding. One ticket and an extra 15 min before bed to do something fun. The Littles often choose this time to spend with Abba ❤️

However, if they are able to stay at this level the whole time they get two tickets. Being at this level means they are going out of their way to be helpful-like doing extra chores, being especially kind to others, and doing their own chores without any reminders. ☺️

Purple level

Purple=Great Job. One ticket and an extra 10 min before bed to do something fun. If they’ve been at blue for awhile without going into the warm colors I may move them up. Also if I keep catching them being kind and making good choices without prompts they move up levels.

Blue level

Blue=Good Day. One ticket and an extra 5 min before bed to do something fun. Usually they can get up here by being caught being kind or if they’ve been in green for awhile without any issues. At this level sometimes they choose to do a simple puzzle or watch a short video clip about nerf guns or bunnies or whatever they are interested in. 🎬🎯🐰

Green level

Green=Ready to Listen and Obey. One ticket. This is the level they start at every morning. If they simply listen and obey all day they get a ticket. My youngest ones usually stay at this level.

Yellow level

Yellow=Oops. Losing their temper maybe, or forgetting to use the coping strategies means they could end up at this level. The goal is to reflect and fix so they can go back into the cooler colors. However, if at the end of supper they are still on this color then they must go to bed 5 min early.

Orange level

Orange=Oh No! You need to Stop! At this level they are making more wrong choices and really need to go to our chill zone (aka Antartica). If they end up at this level at the end of the day they go to bed 10 min earlier than normal.

Red level

Red=Parents Choice. They are having a really rough day if they get to the level. They may have used their hands to hurt, lied, or deliberately disobeyed. At this level they go to bed 15 min early and will get a discipline that fits the crime.

Tickets. They save up the tickets and either continue to save or spend on “prizes” each Shabbat prep day. Also, the one who got the most tickets that week gets to be the start helper, which means they get to help with Shabbat prep, make challah, choose Shabbat dessert, get a zolipop, and be the car dj for the week.

So far prizes include:

10 tickets – They can trade for a fuzzy pom pom critter or a sparkly gem.

15 tickets – They can get a new pencil.

25 tickets – Exchange for $1

50 tickets – I will do one of their assigned chores.

75 tickets – They get to wear their pajamas or costume all day (even in public)

100 tickets – Special treat like an ice cream date with a parent.

I use mini colored clothespins that I colored and sealed with nail polish for each child. Works for now.

What do you do in your homes to manage behavior of your children? Share them with me in the comments below!

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