Yom Kippur

Strangely this did not post when it was scheduled. But here’s what I did for Yom Kippur. My plan was to have the salt crystal tree that I mentioned in my Yom Teruah Plans post, unfortunately that did NOT turn out as expected.

Still we re-discussed the story of creation and how Adam and Havah sinned. It looked like it would be good but it wasn’t. I let my children examine some salt. First we experimented with it using this worksheet. Which objects sink or float in salt water and regular water.

They had some fun with this. And marveled at how cool salt was. Then we examined salt itself with this worksheet. Click on the picture for the link to the worksheet 🙂

Image result for preschool observation sheet looks like feels like

Then we talked again about the fruit from the tree of good and evil and how it looked pretty cool like the salt. Then I had my children taste it. Bleh! They agreed that it was gross. We talked about how even though it seemed cool it was not good for us and neither was the fruit that Adam and Havah ate. We talked about how they disobeyed Yah’s instructions. Then we discussed how YHWH’s instructions are good and sweet like honey. Then I gave them some honey to eat. They agreed that it was way better to follow Yahweh.

After this little activity we watched Jonah from the Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible. It’s an old youtube video but I remember watching them as a child 🙂

It was fun seeing my little ones make the connection that Jonah is sinking in the water because it’s salt water and how it’s important to obey Yahweh.

So that’s what we did for Yom Kippur. What did you do? Or if you haven’t celebrated it yet, what do you plan on doing? Let me know in the comments! Shavua Tov!

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