Past Lesson Plans

As a former teacher, I always had dreams of when I would be able to teach my own children. Oh it would be so wonderful! I had everything planned out. Problem is that everything I want to teach them and how I want to teach them isn’t quite available yet. Hello Reality! 🙂

Understanding children’s intellectual and social developments is important in understanding what curriculum is best to use. I wanted a curriculum that included biblical principals, hebrew and sign language, and also met with the general Early Learning Standards. (Most states have their own standards but generally are what is listed in this document: EarlyLearningStandards)

I’m still working out the quirks, and though I’m trying very hard not to reinvent the wheel I have found that I need to make the majority of my worksheets for my children in order to customize what I want them to learn. I thought I could easily mix and match from other sources online, but my reality check was near. This is partly because I don’t want to teach my children the watered down, corrupted by Greek ideas of the Bible. I’d much rather teach more cyclical reasoning and thinking styles that are true to what the Bible actually says. For example: many depictions of Adam and Eve (names are actually Adam and Havah)  show them holding an apple. This depiction is very much Greek incorporated and the Bible actually gives a general term for fruit. So I will also be creating my own clipart as well. However, I don’t know exactly when I’ll manage that. I’ll let you know 🙂

So with all this and many more reality checks ahead as I learn what works and what doesn’t and what more I can handle adding 😛 I hope you enjoy my worksheets, curriculum, ideas, and other things I am inspired to post on here.

Thanks for reading! Continue to #seektruth!


Week 1 A/aleph B’resheet

Week 2 N/nun Noach

Week 3 T/tav Lech Lecha

Week 4 C/chet Vayiera

Week 5 P/pey Chayai-Sarai…We ended up doing a review week instead

Week 6 S/Shin Toldot

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