Week 3 – T/Tav Lech Lecha

Let me know if you found this helpful, added, or changed anything! I’m always looking for ideas 😀

T tav Abraham Travels trust Proverbs 3:5-6 Elohei Tehillati
(God of my Praise)
Psalm 109:1
  • We start off every morning watching a playlist of songs on Youtube . Currently on the playlist is: (*Note: This is different from last week as I’ve found new resources)
    • Boker Tov means Good Morning by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • Shema Prayer: ASL and Hebrew by RitualWell
    • Ve’ahavta Prayer in ASL and Hebrew by RitualWell
    • Avinu (Our Father) Lord’s Prayer by Christine Jackman
    • Ma Mezeg Ha’avir (Weather Song) by Julie Jaslow Auerbach
    • Days of the Week by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • 613 Torah Avenue Creation Song by 613 Torah Avenue
    • Colors in my World by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • My Body is Part of Me by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
    • Letter T Memory Verse Song
    • Sesame Street Letter T
    • Shalom Sesame Hebrew Letter Tav
    • Aleph Bet Rock (Hebrew)
    • Shehekhanyu in ASL by RitualWell
  • Read the Torah

Once breakfast is completed we often read the Torah portion for the day. Here is the Plan for this week!

I am also currently working on a trifold to put our other daily activities, such as: calendar, weather, days of the week, months, feelings, etc. When I finish creating it, I will post it 🙂

  • Math

    I still very much enjoy these worksheets from The Measured Mom , however this week I decided to include some worksheets from Life over C’s. They have some great math activities about transporation. You could discuss some ways that Avram and his family could have traveled. Check them out! Transportation/Counting to 10 activities

  • Break

Break time includes anything from going outside, brain break, watching Fit Family (and exercising to it), eating snack and/or free play, and other cognitive activities as well.Sometimes during free play my little ones will actually decide to do quiet activities like read a book or look over the Word wall. I will post a link to those fun extras later. 🙂 Stay Tuned!

  • Language Arts

Then we head into some Language Arts. This week is the letter T and tav. Please note that I took out the I Can Find and I Can Write worksheets as they were a bit too much for my littles.

Discuss the Pictograph meaning of nun
*I enjoy using these ideas for English alphabet
*And this lady’s pinterest page for the Hebrew Letters. Here’s a sampleHands on activity when teaching Hebrew letters. Here is the letter Tav!:
Sandpaper/Sand Writing
Use the Letter Craft Worksheet to make some Sandpaper templates!
Word Wall
i-can-trace-tTav Coloring Sheet from Kefar Publishing. Sign up is free!
Let’s teach our little ones to Praise, Tehillah, with these fun activities:
Teaching Little ones to Praise
Read a Book about family or look at your family picture album. We are now part of the Creator’s family.
  • Social Studies

  • Create a Cartography Map. Show how Avram and his family traveled to another place. See and Say the t-memory-verse. Find the word TRUST
    *Print out some Feeling Cards and have your little ones identify what they are feeling through the Torah Reading.
    Memory Verse T Character Verse Worksheet. Character Verse.
  • Art/Science

Just wanted to make a note that art and science at this age are often intermixed. So i will have art and science related in this section.

Color in the Cartography Map Fish Net Craft
This activity from artistshelpingchildren will help the little ones in following directions/consequences and simple cutting.
How to Make Fish Net with Fishes Inside
christian craftsPaint the Stars from Activity Mom. Clean and easy fun. Ishmael and Hagar
Coloring Sheet
Paint your name
  • Physical Development

Time for more play time but I like to throw in some structured outside play as well. Here are some fun activities that relate to what we are learning this week. 🙂

Another fun way to move would be like insects. Print out this fun cube and move like a bug!
Preschoolers will love this gross motor movement game! Roll the cube and act out the insect! How fun!!
Play Chutes and Ladders. Download snakes and ladders if you don’t have the game from Itsy Bitsy Spider. Talk about Consequences/Rewards. Fun Game for Kids- Counting Down the StarsCounting Down the Stars Put on some Praise Music and give praise to the God of Praise! Check out Chava Messianic Radio Do an activity with Family
Here’s a great list of ideas.


Are you enjoying these lesson plans? I do hope they are helpful to you. Are you changing anything up? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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