Word Wall

All new words that I am introducing to my little ones go on the word wall. In fact every word from the memory verses, character verse, and other new words we read from the Torah go up on the Word Wall. Once it’s up, my little ones like to look at it and practice reading the words. I do go over it with them whenever they bring it up, which is usually everyday.

Currently the word wall’s theme is autumn. I need to make a better one, so I plan on following the Paper Autumn Tree from My Juice Cup.

Fall decorations tree

But it will most likely look something like these examples.

This teacher has mixed red, yellow, orange, and green leaves together to create a very colorful fall bulletin board display idea for the theme:  "Fall In Love With Learning!": Image result for tree leaf bulletin board word wallsince I don’t have a ton of room in my house.

Because I plan on cutting out the words and pasting it to the colored leaves, I will be using this leaf template from Nikki’s TpT

I will post pictures of my actual word wall when it’s the way I like it. Do you use a word wall? What themes/ideas are you using for your Word Wall? Do you find it helpful in review for your little ones? Let me know in the comments!



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